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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Asian Games : Kabaddi Championship

 With the content of Sports are concerned, now Indian has coming with a name of Sporting Nation, and huge support all over india with finds and encouragement made a good platform for the sporting Nation India. 

Asian Game

The sport ministers have made good policy and rigid support from the various institutional, sports federation made to develop a Sporting emerging Nation INDIA.
In 36 different sports, around 524 athletes are participating and in that around 277 are men and 247 are women, which they represent in India at the Asian Games 2018 In Jakarta. Athletes putting their time for preparing themselves as only 38 days were left to start Asian games, guidance for technical skills and sports crafts through many hours of practice and into the different levels of competition .The hard work from the athletes will be remembered every Indian as Asian game is the Second Largest multi –discipline sports platform in the world. After all Indian nation athletes have huge responsibility to deliver their performance and showing their talents to earn medals for the nation .The potential of the players can be seen soon into the games as Asian game will begun on the big stages .
Athelets have to be consistency in the performance and give good results; as far as mind set is concerned they have to keep their mindfulness at the high level and at the cool manner. With the target of Olympic games in 2020, the Asian games are the preparatory level kind of exam for the Indian athletes
Asian Championship Kabaddi 2018
The victory in the Dubai Kabaddi Masters Dubai 2018, its proven that Kabaddi is the game where India is more strong with the concern of tactics , game plan and etc.Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India has announced 12 Members of Men’s squad for the upcoming Asian Game 2018 in Jakarta on July first week.
 Indian Squad for Asian Championship Kabadi 2018
The Indian Team includes which came as a surprise bombshell to many around India.
Ajay Thakur (Captain)
• Rishank Devadiga
• Monu Goyat
• Rohit Kumar
• Pardeep Narwal
• Rahul Chaudhari
• Gangadhari Mallesh
Raider Analysis
When I analysis raider list its full packed with class raider and selection committee have picked the raiders from the players who played good in Kabaddi Masters. The squad include captain Ajay Thakur who will be playing major role as top raiding in the squad. Ajay thakur scored 34 raid poins in 50 raids in Kabaddi Masters Dubai with his amazing lengthy to the midline and swift escape talent .It will be tough cal to choose who will enter and face with ajay.
Rishank Devadiga is more popular raider in the list who made his remark by 13 raid points versus Kenya and Rohit Kumar with a match winning 6 raid points versus Pakistan in Kabaddi Masters Dubai. Monu Goyat who was the expensive player in the auction of Pro Kabaddi Season 6 Finds the place in the tournament and he has scored  28 raid points in 40 raids with raiding skills like over normal moves like running hand touch .Pradeep Narwal and Rahul Chaudhari will again tested in the tournament. Gangadhari Mallesh was successful season with Jaipur Pink Panther and it will suspense how the team will use Gangadhari Mallesh .Overall, India has no worries about its raiding. Different combinations will be implemented in accordance with the conditions and so pure fine class raiding is assured. 
Defender Analysis
In defender list Indian team has
·         Girish Maruti Ernak
·         Mohit Chhillar
·          Raju Lal Chaudhary
India have included only three frontline defenders with the exclusion of Surjeet and Surender. It is highly certain that the corners' duo will be led by Girish Ernak and Mohit Chhillar.
Girish has skill of stepped up to his plate with precise ankle holds and accurate body blocks made Maharashtra team to find victory. He has scored 19 tackle points in Kabaddi Masters Dubai , the position would be from left corner the entire phase His opposite corner will be held by one of the masters of chain tackles, an experienced PKL campaigner Mohit Chhillar who'll play the right corner. Raju Lal Chaudhari will be acting as replacement if one of the defenders lose their momentum which is unlikely to happen.
All –Rounder Analysis
·         Deepak Niwas Hooda
·         Sandeep Narwal
The selection committee has picked two all-time famous all rounder  of Pro Kabaddi league who'll be playing the covers' position at the Jakarta Asian Games.
The experience of Manjeet Chhillar and  Deepak Hooda will take the charge on the left cover. He doesn't defend usually but the frontal block over Mohammad Nabibaksh at the Dubai Kabaddi Masters finals was something special. The team will look to use Deepak's defending capability which isn't a sight viewed often.Sandeep Narwal who is a best all rounder  player is going to take the right cover position to play . It is going to be a amazing view of seeing the monster dashing the opposition raiders like a truck.The roles of all-rounders are different from what they normally do on the mat. But this innovative thinking can possibly bring India, their gold.
 How ambition of the player is important in Asian Game??
Ambition of the players describes an athlete's purpose, the reason to strive towards being the best and deliver success. Ambition is a burning desire to achieve a goal. Without hard work, ambition means nothing. Ambition instills the drive, grit and mental fortitude to train and play hard. The goals an athlete chases belong to the athlete and it is his/ her responsibility to deliver these goals and ambitions.
 Asian Games are National Pride – Its  very powerful motivator aspect for the athletes to represent India in Asia game . While an athlete plays and performs for personal ambition and team goals, the results he/she delivers satisfy the expectations of an entire nation. Patriotism has a way of instilling a sense of national purpose beyond personal ambition. After all the athlete is an ambassador representing 1.3 billion Indians.
How Self Belief Will Help Athletes In Asian Game  - again it’s  that positive mental attitude that gives an athlete the natural self-confidence that motivate him/her to deliver outstanding results. When the self-belief is high, the mind lacks self-doubt, is at ease and relaxed. The athlete's timing is perfect, the breathing is tempered, the footwork/movement is smooth, the energy is high and the athlete always reaches the ball a split second early. When self-belief is high, impossible is nothing.


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