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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Bengaluru Bulls - Team Info,List of Players , Height, Weight, Born , Born Place, BackGround

Bengluru Bulls players list and details

Bengluru Bulls Team, Team Logo
Bengluru Bulls
1.GURVINDER SINGH- Position –Raider
Basic details :
Gurvinder Singh, Pro Kabaddi Season 6
Gurvinder Singh

Height: 5’ 8’’
Weight: 79 Kgs
Born: 14 March, 1995
Born place: PaiKaithal, Haryana .Gurvinder Singh hails from PaiKaithal, Haryana.
Background: Gurvinder singh debuted at the age of 18 to the pro kabaddi season. He got selected and played third season with the team Patna pirates and made his team won the title of pro kabaddi. And this time he is playing with Bengluru bulls and he hopes to repeat the same feat with Bengluru Bulls.Gurvinder Singh enjoys the Hayanvi Music and songs and free time he helps the farmer

 2. ANKIT SANGWAN-Position- All Rounder
ankit ,pro kabaddi
Ankit Sangwan

Basic details:
Height: 5’ 7’’
Weight: 73 Kgs
Born: 11 January, 1998
Born Place:Bhiwani, Haryana
Jersey Number- 3
Background –Ankit Sangwan started playing at the age of 8 and made his place in the Haryana team in the year of 2016.His skills of toe touching and bonuses to garner his raid points made his bedut at his first season in Pro Kabaddi. Ankit Sangwan is a young ( age 18) , tall, and lightweight player and he is considered to be Bright and Immense, and potential player for Bangalore Bulls Team.  

3. MAHENDER SINGH- Position- Defender
Mahender Singh , Pro Kabaddi
Mahender Singh

Basic Details:
Height: 5’ 6’’
Weight: 82 Kgs
Born: 10 January, 1996
Born Place:Mandi, Himachal Pradesh
Background- Mahender Singh plays as Defender in the left cover. Mahender Singh started playing at the age of 14 and he made his debut in the year of 2015 at the age of 21. He is considered to be strong block and he gets a little difficult to spot him.Mahinder singh having a hobby of traveling.
 Jersey Number – 4
 Nick Name - Mahi

4. PREETAM CHHILLAR-Position –All Rounder
Preetam Chillar, Pro Kabaddi, Bengluru Bulls
Preetam Chillar

Basic Details:
Height: 5’ 7’’
Weight: 78 Kgs
Born: 05 October, 1992
Born Place: Nizampur, Delhi
Back Ground: Preetam has already played for the Bengaluru Bulls Team in 4th and 5th Season of Pro Kabaddi Seasons. He Debut in the very first season of Pro Kabaddi. He Debut Senior Nationals Season in 2013.Preetam started playing Kabaddi at the age of 14 and enters into the pro kabaddi season and made his remark by finishing the runner up in the 2014 pro kabaddi season.Preetam Loves to listen some music and love to do shopping.
Jersey Number-5

5. RAVINDER PAHAL-Position –Defender
Ravinder Pahal, Pro Kabaddi , Bengluru Bulls
Ravinder Pahal

Basic Details:
Height: 6’ 1’’
Weight: 85 Kgs
Born: 7 December, 1990
Born Place:Sonipat, Haryana
Background: The 26-year-old started playing Kabaddi a decade ago. He got his first major break in 2011, when he took the mat for Haryana for the first time. Later, in 2013, he went on to play for the Railways as well. He made his ProKabaddi debut in the first season. Since then, he has made quite a name for himself and has the reputation of being one of the best defenders in the league.
Jersey Number -6

6. HARISH NAIK- Position – Raider
Harish Naik, Pro Kabaddi, Bengluru Bulls
Harish Naik

Height: 6’ 1’’
Weight: 85 Kgs
Born: 30 September, 1997
Born Place : (Batkal, Karnataka)
Nick Name: Macha
BackGround: Harish Naik is from Batkal, Karnataka. He's had a transient ascent since he began playing kabaddi, matured 15. Inside 3 years, he had effectively played his first senior amusement for Karnataka and been associated with the Pro Kabaddi League. This is his second season in the PKL, he's still in the most recent year of his teenagers! As a bandit, his quality is the hand contact. Harish cherishes to movement and likes to play different games, for example, cricket when he has the time.

7. ROHIT KUMAR- Position – Raider
Rohit Kumar, Pro kabaddi, Bengluru Bulls
Rohit Kumar

Height: 6’ 1’’
Weight: 82 Kgs
Born: 19 January, 1990
Nick Name:Akki
Background: Rohit is very tall and puts his tallness, reach and long wingspan to awesome utilize when he's assaulting. Which is the reason, his quality is the hand contact. Since influencing his Services to make a big appearance in 2011, the 27-year-old thief has won the Federation Cup twice, the PKL in 2015 and has likewise been granted MVP in the third period of ProKabaddi. Kabaddi is Rohit's purpose in life. Be that as it may, when he's not playing or preparing, he gets a kick out of the chance to watch motion pictures, tune in to music, swim and play a round of badminton.

8. ASHISH KUMAR- Position-All Rounder
Ashish Kumar, Pro Kabaddi ,Bengluru bulls
Ashish Kumar

Height: 5’ 7’’
Weight: 74 Kgs
Born: 28 December, 1994
Born Place: DadhiAdampur, Haryana
Jersey Number :10
BackGround: Ashish Kumar, is an all-rounder from Dadhi, Adampur, Haryana. He got his break in 2014 when he played his first amusement for the Haryana Senior group. After which, he influenced his presentation in the PKL to season 2. In his first season, he anchored a second place wrap up. Ashish Kumar is additionally a gold medalist at the Nationals. Ashish Kumar depends on the chain hold, which is his quality. Strikingly, Ashish has been nicknamed "Gandhi". The Bengaluru Bulls changing area has a considerable measure of inside jokes! He moves and chimes in to some Punjabi music when he has sufficient energy. He's a film buff and likes to invest quality energy with his family.

9. SACHIN KUMAR- Position – Defender
Sachin Kumar, Pro Kabaddi, Bengluru Bulls
Sachin Kumar

 Height: 5’ 6’’
 Weight: 79 Kgs
Born: 01 August, 1992
BornPlace: Malakpur, Uttar Pradesh
Jersey Number - 11
Background: Sachin Kumar is a perfect form for a kabaddi defender. His stone strong barrier is set apart by his mark lower leg hold. He has won 2 National Gold decorations and 1 Federation Cup bringing about a place at the VIVO PKL Season 5. Sachin Kumar started playing kabaddi at 13 years old and has not thought back since. He got his leap forward in 2011 when he appeared for the Services and has gained genuine ground from that point forward. At the point when not playing, Sachin appreciates cultivating. He likewise adores offering back to the kabaddi network by instructing excited children in his town.

10. AMIT SHEORAN- Position-Left Corner Defender
amit sheoran, pro kabaddi, Bengluru bulls
amit sheoran

Basic Details:
Height: 5’ 6’’
Weight: 73 Kgs
Born: 15 June, 1997
Born Place: Badhra, Haryana
Jersey Number: 12
Background : Amit has Featured in the Junior Asian Championship and winning Gold Medal in the year 2016.Amit has Debuted in the season 5 of the Pro Kabaddi Season.Amit has skill of move is the ankle Hold to stop opposite raider

11. PARDEEP- Position- Right Cover – Defender
Pardeep,Pro Kabaddi, Bengluru bulls

Height: 5’ 8’’
Weight: 77 Kgs
Born: 16 April, 1993
Born Place: Narwana, Haryana
Jersey Number -22
Nick Name – Kallu
Background: Pradeep started playing Kabaddi at 10 years old and will make his introduction in the VIVO PKL Season 5. He got his first leap forward with the Jammu Junior group in 2010 and likes to invest energy with his family and tune in to Haryanvi tunes when not doing what he cherishes the most.

12. AJAY KUMAR- Position – Raider
ajay Kumar, Pro Kabaddi, Bengluru Bulls
Ajay Kumar

Height: 6’ 1’’
Weight: 84 Kgs
Born: 2 January, 1994
Born Place: Sonipat, Haryana
BackGround:He has many accomplishments to his name, paving the way to the VIVO PKL Season 5. Ajay Kumar was a rising star in the PKL Season 4, and completed second place generally speaking. He likewise got an administrations gold in 2016, and the Federations Cup in 2017. Ajay Kumar a.k.aAjju can make the most of it when it makes a difference the most. This 23-year-old bandit indicates development and serenity well past his years in crunch circumstances, perpetually conveying in do-or-bite the dust assaults. Ajay Kumar's key quality as a thief is the turn, leaving resistance protectors bleary eyed with his hypnotizing abilities, while winning focuses for his group. He started playing at 13 years old, and influenced his PKL to make a big appearance in Season 4. His first enormous break was his Services Senior introduction in 2014. Ajay Kumar is a power to figure with on the tangle, yet he additionally adores his rest! He additionally chimes in to some Haryanvi tracks when he has sufficient energy.

13. SUNIL- Position-All Rounder
sunil, Pro Kabaddi, Bengluru Bulls

Height: 6’
Weight: 85 Kgs
Born: 29 October, 1993
Born Place: Panipat, Haryana
Background: He won the PKL gold with Patna Pirates in the third season. With a well-built frame, Sunil can perform both defensive and offensive duties for the team. Sunil began playing in the PKL from season 1. He enjoys travelling, farming and spending quality time with his family. As a raider, Sunil's signature move is the hand touch.

14. SANJAY SHRESTHA- Position – All Rounder
Sanjay Shrestha,Pro Kabaddi, Bengluru Bulls
Sanjay Shrestha
Height: 5’ 6’’
Weight: 85 Kgs
Born: 04 January, 1984
BornPlace: (Dhanusha, Nepal)
Background: Sanjay Shrestha is a veteran all-rounder who hails from Dhanusha, Nepal. He started playing Kabaddi at a generally ready age of 19. He has been included with the PKL since the principal season. Truth be told, he anchored the best spot in his first season with the Jaipur Pink Panthers. Shrestha made his achievement with Nepal in 2004. He appreciates playing different games, for example, volleyball and football. He's additionally a family man who dependably figures out how to make some time for them. His mark move is the hand contact. Being one of the abroad experts in the group, the Bengaluru Bulls will rely upon him to convey for them this season.

15. KULDEEP SINGH- Position-Defender left corner
kuldeep Singh,pro kabaddi, Bengluru Bulls
kuldeep Singh
Height: 6’
Weight: 74 Kgs
Born: 11 July, 1989
Born Place: Kisor, Hisar, Haryana
Nick Name : kala
Background: He bagged the silver at the Nationals with Haryana in his first season. He also secured a 3rd place finish and a victorious season in the PKL with the Patna Pirates in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Kuldeep Singh is also a deeply pious individual and performs his rituals meticulously. He loves to go out on long drives and also enjoys a game of volleyball in his spare time.


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